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Fitz jacket; Flora tunic; Emet dress


Fitz jacket is traditionally made with horsehair canvas on the chest and shoulders, from 1950s vintage cashmere, from a textile mill founded in the 1700s in Yorkshire, England. Due to the limited amount of fabric available, this is an exclusive edition of 10 jackets. Each one is handmade in classic fine tailoring, passed down from generation to generation, in the Gerbase atelier. Flora tunic and Emet dress belong to the Skins system employed by Gerbase that uses genetically engineered microbes – yeast, enzymes and bacteria – to create a biodegradable polymer thread. By growing these cultures in a laboratory, the yarn does not deplete natural resources or create the greenhouse gas emissions of other plant-derived materials, using minimal water and chemicals. This biodegradable polymer is interwoven with stringy fibres produced by pulping eucalyptus wood.




100% cashmere

40% eucalyptus, 60% BioYarn

Sourcing country: Portugal; China

Courtesy @gerbase

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