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"Brazil: Creating Fashion for Tomorrow" opens London Fashion Week

Showcasing Brazilian Designers Emphasising Sustainable and Innovative Initiatives

As a significant component of the London Fashion Week schedule, the exhibition "Brazil: Creating Fashion for Tomorrow" will shine a spotlight on Brazilian creators and innovators who are guided by socio-environmental values. By highlighting the opulence of Brazil's materials, unique craftsmanship, and novel design processes, this exhibition underscores the evolution of Brazilian fashion towards responsible and sustainable practices in the industry.

Hosted in collaboration with the Embassy of Brazil in London and the Brazilian clean beauty company Simple Organic, "Brazil: Creating Fashion for Tomorrow" unites an impressive selection of clothing, bags, shoes, jewellery, materials, and solutions that tackle the challenges presented by the climate emergency. The exhibition showcases an intimate exploration of the diverse solutions Brazil can offer to the global fashion

landscape, encouraging novel practices that intertwine social responsibility, environmental consciousness, and innovative design.

This exhibition will spotlight 14 creators, each presenting their exquisite and groundbreaking designs. Among the standout features, attendees can marvel at the meticulous work of Renata Brenha, who transforms discarded football shirts into beautiful new clothes. Clements Ribeiro repurposes offcuts from cashmere production into decorative accessories. Karoline Vitto employs deadstock materials to produce pieces in a wide range of inclusive sizings. Joao Maraschin, a semifinalist for the LVMH Prize 2023, reframes deadstock materials with embroidery and macramé made by women from a community in his homeland, Minas Gerais state. Radiant and contemporary, Waiwai Rio handcrafted bags combine responsibly sourced rattan from the Amazon Forest with recycled acrylic.

Material sourcing and innovation play pivotal roles in steering the fashion industry towards a more responsible and constructive path. In collaboration with Brasil Eco Fashion, organiser of the Brazilian Sustainable Fashion Week BEFW, and Instituto Febre, a Brazilian social organisation focused on climate and gender justice in fashion, the exhibition will showcase solutions developed by Brazilian companies, encompassing microbial pigments as eco-friendly alternatives to conventional dyeing methods, the transformation of elephant ear plants into a sustainable substitute for animal leather, and innovative by-products from the food industry like pirarucu and salmon fish skin. Moreover, a disruptive technology will be showcased, involving binary code printing on yarns to enable traceability throughout their lifecycle. Simple Organic will present their vegan and clean beauty solutions, harnessing responsibly sourced native ingredients from the Amazon.

This event also welcomes prominent international fashion companies operating within Brazil such as Bottletop, an English accessories company with a longstanding relationship with Brazilian artisans who specialise in braiding techniques using upcycled ring pulls. Additionally, Veja, the esteemed French footwear brand, aligns itself with Brazil's ethos, crafting products using Amazon rubber and agroecological cotton.

Brasil Eco Fashion, Instituto Febre and the Textiles Circularity Centre, a research centre at The Royal College of Art, in collaboration with the University of Sao Paulo (USP), will unveil pioneering studies and solutions pertaining to the future of textiles, with in-depth discussions held in panels on the 18th of September.

List of participants: Bottletop; Catarina Mina; Ceyla Lacerda; FarmRio; Fernando Jorge; Gerbase; João Maraschin; Karoline Vitto; Pedro Lourenço; Renata Brenha; Togetherband; Veja; Waiwai Rio; BeLeaf; Nova Kaeru; O Casulo Feliz; Projeto Akra; Aiper; FarFarm + Fibershed; Mabe Bio; Royal College of Art.

The organisers extend their heartfelt gratitude to the Embassy of Brazil in London and Simple Organic for their unwavering support.

"Brazil: Creating Fashion for Tomorrow" is organised by Camila Villas, Lilian Pacce, and Marilia Biasi. Set design developed by Pier Balestrieri and Sergio Fuentes. The exhibition will run throughout London Fashion Week, from the 15th to the 19th of September, welcoming visitors from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm at the Brazilian Embassy in London, located at 14-16 Cockspur Street, SW1Y 5BL.

The event's carbon emissions are being offset by Simple Organic. 

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Camila Villas

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