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CB2 Balm


An innovative vegan moisturiser that combines natural active ingredients at their highmost performance, thanks to the technology behind its formula. Developed with a blend of natural active substances from the Amazon, the Cannabinoid Active System has similar efficacy on the skin to CBD. It has a high concentration of phytocannabinoids that stimulate the endocannabinoid system in the skin, modulating cellular signals to reduce cellular stress and repair skin. CB2 Balm stick’s clean formula also increases β-Endorphin synthesis, which promotes wellness.



Primer Blur Effect


This Primer stick is waterless, sustainable, and multi-use. It prepares the skin and guarantees a perfect finish for makeup. 100% natural and vegan, it minimises the appearance of large pores without irritating the skin since it’s non-comedogenic and free of harmful ingredients such as silicones, parabens, petrolatums, and PEGs.




This line of serums unites technology with the power of nature to offer high performance in clean beauty. The synergy between premium active ingredients and the power of natural and organic substances is integral to Simple Organic skincare line, which undergoes clinical efficacy studies recording proven results.

  1. Niacinamide serum: extremely purified active ingredient, unlike others on the market. It is a bestseller.

  2. Polyglutamic serum: improves skin hydration by up to 200% in 28 days.

  3. Salicylic acid serum: 100% natural version of salicylic acid.

  4. Oxyresveratrol: active ingredient 145 times more potent than synthetic resveratrol.

  5. Retinol-like serum: a safer alternative to synthetic retinol.

  6. Vitamin C serum: stabilised vitamin C with concentration of 15%.

  7. Gaba serum: gamma-aminobutyric acid gives an instant lifting effect.


Courtesy @simpleorganic

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Somos um movimento 🫀 Conheça mais da nossa história aqui no nosso canal!

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