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Snake skin throw; Eye in the skye throw; Jaguar’s paw throw


Ceyla Lacerda believes that supporting indigenous communities, such as Huni Kuin (Amazon) and Guarani (São Paulo), is a seed against deforestation, pollution and poaching. Sharing their art and mythology to create this unique selection of textiles, these communities receive part of the profit to help preserve their culture. The central part of the Snake Skin throw represents the Mboi pire or snake’s skin. The print on the sides shows the tracks it leaves on the ground, which helps Guarani children learn it is a poisonous snake. Eye in the Sky referencing the Guarani word Jaxy tatá which means 'twinkling stars'. To these native people, Tupã is the one who created the stars, balancing the relationships between plants and animals. For the Huni Kuin, the Jaguar's Paw (in the centre) fertilises the land that feeds the village (on both sides) of their people, who are considered the guardians of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.




Viscose; polyamide

Sourcing country: Brazil

Courtesy @ceylalacerda

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