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Analuisa bag; Luciana bag; Leda bag


In Salvador, Bahia, Bottletop employs local women to handcraft regenerative fashion accessories such as the Analuisa and Luciana bags, providing skills training for their signature crochet and Mistura weaving technique, which blends upcycled aluminium with zero-deforestation leather. The ring pulls are collected by 'catadores' or 'trash pickers' from the streets in Salvador, an important source of income for people who are often homeless. Once the batch has been selected, they are individually washed, clipped, filed, polished and painted or anodised. Only then are they woven together to start their new life journey as a Bottletop bag. 


The Leda is a zero-waste vegan bag handcrafted with 895 hand-picked and hand-painted açaí seeds and fine Parley Ocean Plastic®thread made at the Bottletop Amazon atelier that sits on the lands of the Matrinxã Aldeia beside the Gregório River in the heart of the Amazon. Working with the Yawanawá Indigenous community, protecting the biodiversity of the Amazon and its Indigenous guardians, the sacred açaí seeds are harvested from the trees, dried, sanded, drilled, polished, hand dyed and woven together into jewellery and handbags.


2006; 2023; 2022


Upcycled aluminium tabs; zero deforestation leather

Açaí seeds, Parley Ocean Plastic® thread, single seed cast from Humanium Metal

Sourcing country: Brazil

Courtesy @bottletopofficial

BOTTLETOP SS16 featuring Lais Ribeiro

BOTTLETOP SS16 featuring Lais Ribeiro

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