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Arara top and skirt


Arara Collection, presented in partnership with social and environmental activist Aline Weber, aims to bring awareness to wildlife preservation and to support indigenous people through the Ethno Environmental Research Institute of Xingu-IPEAX. Derived from a Tupi word, Arara is a long-tailed colourful wild parrot, the macaw, which is endangered by deforestation and illegal pet trade. The future of wildlife depends on the protection of rainforests and its local communities. Handcrafted in Maranhao state using the crochet  technique, Arara outfit is made from natural buriti palm fibre, a species that easily grows in Brazil. It takes more than 450 hours of manual work to give life to these pieces. Designer Samuray Martins, founder of the Akra Project, carefully transforms buriti's fan-shaped elegant leaves into crafted art pieces, hand in hand with artisans from Amazonia, in a respectful and meaningful collaborative relationship. 



Buriti straw

Sourcing countries: Brazil

Courtesy @akraproject @akracollection

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